While the gallery represents only a small sampling of my photo collection, I have thousands more photographs available for purchase. Many, but not all, of the images in my collection are available in either a horizontal or vertical format. What you see has been carefully selected from my image archive and in most cases shows the best of my work in the following categories.


Ice Climbing



Alpacas in Snow

Art House

Stream Park

Snowy Trees

Snowy Streams

Seaside Garden

Garden Tour

Seaside Farms

Island Trip



River Park

Secret Garden

Olivia Swimming

Maple Summit Farm

Pumpkin Pickers

Natural Waterslides

Cafe Gardens

River Garden

Garden Paths

Garden Benches

Wedding Gardens

Seaside Trail

Rhonda the Hound

Fall Garden

River and Trees

Chihuahua and Friends

Art Garden



Wintry Day

Snowy Farm

Summer Farm

Autumn Farm

On the Trail

Island Summer Garden


Kids Sledding

Buildings in Snow



Antique Gardens

Waterfall Park

Lovely Gardens

Prudence Island

Forest Preserve

Virginia Garden



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