My overall goal as a photographer is to use my images in places where people can find peace and calm in the pictures to attain a greater sense of happiness and wellness. They are appropriate in private, public, office, corporate, and institutional settings. Institutions and offices are often sterile environments, lacking color, natural lighting, and even windows. My photographs can bring color and life to these places, with positive benefits to the people that work or visit there.

My other goal as an artist, with a strong interest in physical and mental healing, is to provide images of nature that can have a positive therapeutic impact on people suffering with health issues. I want my pictures to offer peace, hope and inspiration to such people, including children.

I believe that beautiful and calming pictures of nature in a healing environment can help people realize a greater sense of health and well-being.

I derive a great amount of inspiration from Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Many people, from all walks of life, including myself, believe that nature is ultimately the greatest source of wellness.







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